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Growing up in Vacherie, Louisiana, Zachariah D Landry had a gift and love of music he did not realize. He found himself sitting at a keyboard listening to music then duplicating it. He was told, “Maybe you should take this serious. Not too many people are able to play by ear.” Zack, as he is called by his family and friends, began to play the organ and piano at age 15. He was then placed in classes where he learn how to read music. It did not take long for his family to realize that he was given the gift of music by God.

The family’s faith was tried and tested. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina displaced Zack and his family. Times were hard but his faith grew stronger. At that time, he realized what the songwriter meant when he wrote, “Because He Lives.” Zack realized that it was God who had the final say because He held tomorrow. Through this adversity, Zack wrote several songs, “Lord, We Say Thank You” and “I Realize.” He realized his purpose is to win souls for Christ throughout the nation with music.

Zack has had the pleasure of singing these song with a group of his friends, Phaze. The group was created in 2008 when Zack was asked to lead praise and worship at his church. In October 2015, Zack and Phaze recorded an album, “Come On, Praise Him.” They have performed at the New Orleans Jazzfest on the Gospel Stage as well as the New Orleans Chapter of Gospel Music Workshop of America. He has also performed with various artists, one of whom more noted, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, who encouraged Zack to “Set a standard in music. Be a trendsetter, not a follower.”  In 2015, Zack was the winner of the Rhythm of Gospel Best Contemporary Artist. In 2016, he won the NOLA Award for Best Contemporary Artist.

Zack has remained humble in his walk with God. His love for gospel music has not changed. With a neo-soul flare and a jazzy twist, his style not only reaches young people but the young at heart as well. Recognizing the calling God has placed upon him, Zack currently works as Minister of Music. His mission is to “Fulfill God’s word through music.”  

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